Companies Retrofit with IoT Sensors

manufacturers are responding to data needs

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IoT is here, and the need for ‘smart connected devices’ is causing manufacturers to refurbish their existing products and become more innovative with new products. Everyone is demanding more accuracy and real-time data from proximity, temperature, pressure, flow, motion, CO2, occupancy and other industrial sensors.  So much so, you’ll find several recent reports forecasting the sensors marketing growing as much as over $280 billion by 2023. 

Consumer IoT is at the forefront of this growth. This market includes home automation, smart cities, and wearables. Everything from Smart TVs, gaming systems, appliances, and vacuums connect to intelligent devices and logging data. Smart homes are tracking energy usage, as well as ensuring appliances are off, and the garage door isn't open when nobody is home, among other cool things. The adoption of wearables and activity trackers is also playing a significant role in this market. No matter what the application seems to be, consumers love accessing all their data from their phone using apps. But to get the data, manufacturers need smart sensors.

The IoT market growth isn’t all consumer products though; industrial automation is becoming a hot topic because data provides significant value for reducing costs. Sensors are providing the means for preventative maintenance, robotics, asset tracking, energy usage, engine failures, leak detection, and much more. Constant monitoring and analyzing critical data reduces maintenance costs, ensures the manufacturing line is running on-time and provides remote management for critical networks like oil fields. Businesses understand the need to invest in IoT solutions and sensors provide the primary source for generating the data needed.

North America appears to hold the most significant share of the IoT sensor market, with major players like IBM, Texas Instruments, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Sony, Honeywell and hundreds of other manufacturers, like Axsys Automation who are designing wireless sensors and IoT gateways.


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